What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is a mental exercise, which develops¬†mindfulness and concentration by deliberately paying attention to one or more phenomena in one’s body, mind and surroundings (for example breath) and holding the attention for a period of time.

Mindfulness meditation is originated from the 5th century BC meditator known as the Buddha. Buddhists monks have been practicing mindfulness meditation for 2,500 years. But mindfulness meditation is itself is secular and is neither a practice of Buddhism or practice of any other religions. Mindfulness meditation is also non-mystical meditation.

Mindfulness meditation is the most basic non-analytical meditation. Another non-analytical meditation is calm abiding, which is more advanced than mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation is also known as vipassana or insight meditation.

Unlike other meditation, mindfulness meditation can be practiced both while we are sitting and in our daily activity such as eating, walking, watching TV, using a computer, play a sport.