The seven points of meditation posture

The seven points of sitting meditation posture are:

  1. The sitting position on cushion or chair should be comfortable
  2. Your back should be straight but not tense and rigid.
  3. The position of your neck is held tall while lightly tilting the skull down a few millimeters by gently bringing in your chin inward.
  4. The position of your shoulders should be back a little.
  5. The position of our hands should either a) flat, palms down, resting on your lap or your knees, or b) on your lap with the right hand in the left hand, palms up and the thumbs touching.
  6. Your eyes look down the tip of your nose or look down on floor.
  7. The position of your mouth and tongue; your mouth can is closed. The tongue is relaxed in a natural position, or the tip of the tongue can lightly touch the roof of the mouth just behind the area where the gum meet the upper front teeth.

Tip: the following imagination helps you to straight your spine and neck. Imagine your back and neck are a straight stack of coins or bricks. Or imagine your body is suspended in the air by a string attached to the top of your skull and the string is pulling your head upward, as a result your spine and neck are straightened.

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