How I’m Learning How To Have Self-Control

A few days ago I’ve found an inspiring article on how to have self-control on and immediately felt the need to work on my own ability to control myself. My strategy is slightly different and includes meditation in huge parts. I believe that once you master your mind, you can easily control yourself even in the most challenging situation.

This includes being able to sticking to a healthy diet, exercising, having healthy relationships with other people surrounding you, sticking to your goals, avoiding pointless temptations that keep you off track.

What is the difference between self-control and self-discipline (Wikipedia definition)? In my opinion, they’re just synonyms although self-control might be slightly more mental whereas self-discipline is physical

Another method I’m going to use is a cold shower challenge. Showering using cold water is incredibly challenging. It doesn’t hurt you physically but your mind suffers. Let’s face it, it’s just a few minutes of discomfort but the benefits on your ability to improve self-control is huge. This is the reason why I decided to included cold showers into my daily routines.

I also want to watch my plate more and more. I tend to eat a lot of sweet but now I want to be more careful which should test my self-control as well. Imagine that you drop all the unnecessary sugar, salt, fat, additives and so on. Not only it is incredibly beneficial for your health but it is also a mental challenge, especially during the first few days. After that, it should be a lot easier to maintain a healthy diet but I know that the first week will be hell.

So a short summary of what I’m going to do to improve my self-control:

  • mediate
  • take cold showers
  • watch my diet
  • cut on salt, sugar and fat

But that is not all, I also want to be more mindful so as I already said, I’ll be using meditation pretty heavily as my tool to improve self-control.

how to focus betterI hope that working on my discipline will help me to strengthen my focus as well. Recently I learned how to focus better here and it got me thinking a lot. My ability to concentrate isn’t always best although I do meditate. It comes down to practice and more practice. I do realize that yet sometimes it’s easy to neglect and then all the positive habits begin to suffer.

All in all, I hope that this new challenge will open new opportunities in my life and teach me plenty of great life lessons. Whenever I do something challenging, I experience incredible things. I’m happier and people smile more at me. I’m less likely to procrastinate. I’m more likely to get the most important task of the day done, day after day. I spend less money on needless belongings. I meditate easily and my mind is free of negative thoughts. The main goal here is to learn how to have self-control and how to focus better. Hopefully, I will achieve those two goals and also become a better person overall. Hopefully, this will also boost my energy.

I began watching a lot of Ted talk, here is a great list on self-improvement that will help me during the challenge:

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