Female Entrepreneurship: Nothing Worth Having Is Easy

An entrepreneur is someone who has set up a business or multiple businesses, to take on financial risks in the hope of making a profit. Grace Lever is a marketing funnel specialist and educator who are working with female entrepreneurs, so that they can create a balanced and automated business. She helps female entrepreneurs to learn more about improving their businesses and ways that their businesses could benefit from certain things such as video marketing and social media. During your time with Grace you will learn how to hook your ideal client, how to generate low-cost and consistent new leads on Facebook, how to choose the right CRM and also how to create killer videos which help to engage others. She offers a range of doing days, a doing academy, the do’ers inner circle and a doing summit. The doing days are available live n certain cities and the summit is made up of a 3 day live event. Some of the categories that she covers include financial affairs, business growth and online marketing as well as many others.

If you want to have a look at some of her work first then she has a range of free resources available to you. These include ‘Graces 7 pillars of Facebook ad success, a social media strategy guide and a six part training series. The doing days is available in many different cities around the world, these allow you to put maximum effort into your business and that you no longer have to attend useless workshops. Then the doing academy is a great way for female entrepreneurs to learn even more and become part of the private Facebook group so that they can get advice of other female entrepreneurs in the same position. You can either receive access to the entire academy for twelve months straight away, this includes the live seminars, or you can opt for receiving a new module which is released every month which provides you with a range of profitable and automated strategies to help your business. Hundreds of women have benefited from Graces help from attending the doing days and academy. There are many reviews from women saying that they were delighted with the help from Grace and that she helped their business; many also say that they never realised how easy it really was until now and they are glad they chose to give it a try.

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