Dismal Knowledge of British Landmarks among Natives is Worrying

Landmarks serve a number of purposes. For the tourists, these sites are great to visit and take pictures. For those trying to find their way in a foreign land, they are vital directional orientation tools. You would assume that the natives in any region know the landmarks in their locality, but this is not always the case. The majority of the people know that some landmarks exist, but they can’t tell their exact locations. The extreme cases are those who are not aware that there is a particular landmark in their country.

In the quest to find out how much the British natives know about the landmarks in their nation, several surveys have been carried out – take a look. The findings clearly show that the geographical knowledge of many British locals is wanting. British landmarks such as Loch Ness can pass for the most famed in British, but it is shocking that not so many people can get its exact location on a map. A study by Holiday Cottages showed that only about half of the British population can be said to have a significant level of Geographical knowledge concerning the landmarks in the Queen’s territory.

Out of those who were involved in the study, only 56% managed to correctly locate York Minister. Shocking, isn’t it? It is such a major landmark and how perturbing is it that the contemporary generation lacks a sense of geography.

Google maps might have completely taken over but does that mean that humans are no longer going to task their brains? Well, it goes down to the educational systems and parenting roles. We have to show some appreciation for our motherland and knowing British landmarks is a brisk step towards that. The knowledge can come in handy when you get lost in the woods some day or when your friend is visiting from America, and you don’t have the time to pick them up from the airport, so you have to give directions over the phone.

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