Breathing Difficulty

People can experience chest tightness and breathing difficulties due to various causes such as anxiety, asthma, allergies, inhalation of polluted air, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, lack of exercise, heart disease, or other causes. Breathing difficulty or discomfort can hinder your meditation practices. Breathing difficult can be a severe challenge, especially for beginners.

If you experience breathing difficulty, seeing health professionals may be necessary. If you are living in an air polluted area such as near a busy road or highway and the polluted air causes your breathing difficulty, you may have to move to another location. Using vacuum cleaner with hepa filter and running air cleaner may be helpful. The air filter in your house may need an upgrade or replacement. If you are living or working in a building, you may pay attention to Sick building syndrome (SBS). Other remedies that might alleviate the breathing difficulty include physical exercise, eating healthy food and drinking clean water.

If the breathing difficulty is due anxiety, simply monitoring your breathing in detail can help ease breathing. For example, when you experience muscle tightness in the chest, abdomen, upper back that affect your breathing, specifically be aware that you are breathing in tightness. When your breathing is shallow, be aware that you are breathing is shallow. When your breathing is long and deep, be aware that your breathing is long and deep. After developing concentration and mindfulness, you should meditate on anxiety if your breathing difficulty is due to anxiety.

Holding Breath
Holding breath can contribute to breathing difficulty. If you tend to hold breath occasionally when you are in certain emotions such as worrying or excitement. By monitoring your breath often or constantly, you will discover whether you hold your breath occasionally. Whenever you are holding your breath, be aware of that you are holding your breath.

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