This blog is about meditation. It aims to help beginners to learn meditation and help meditators to advance their meditation skills.

For Beginners: It is the best for you to learn meditation face to face from an experienced meditator in your area and practice it regularly in a group. This blog contains some useful information for you to learn and practice meditation, for example where to find meditation classes and meditation instructions and more.

For Experienced meditators: You can share your knowledge and experiences that you already have. You know that it will benefit beginners and other meditators to advance their skills. You probably agree that meditation will make positive difference to their lives and to the world eventually. So your sharing your knowledge and experience with others are invaluable and appreciated.

Why I started this blog?
Mindfulness meditation is a simple mental exercise, which develops mindfulness and concentration by paying attention on a chosen object (for example, taste of food or activity you wish to focus on) and holding the attention for a period of time. As physical exercise is important for heath of our body, mindfulness meditation is important for heath of our mind. In fact, scientists discovered that meditation does not only contribute to our mental health but also contribute to our physical health. Mindfulness meditation should be treated as important as physical exercise. Mindfulness meditation should be taught and available to everyone in the same way physical exercise in school and in our society. Unfortunately most people (at the time of this writing) are living without benefits of mindfulness and concentration, otherwise their life would have been healthier and happier. Furthermore, widespread misconception about mindfulness is discouraging people from developing their mindfulness, which is a natural function of our brain. Some people stuck in a difficulty while developing mindfulness without knowing they are stuck or how to troubleshoot the problem. Some people want to develop mindfulness but have no idea how and where to begin. So I started this blog as a small contribution to the society in order to help people to get started and also help people (including myself) to improve meditation skills.

Developing mindfulness can be easy or difficult depending on how you do it. You could easily spend 10 years practicing mindfulness meditation without much progress. I learnt lessons in a hard way and hope to help others to not to go thru the wrong path I did.

About Me
I am an avid meditator. I received various meditation trainings including mindfulness meditation. I have been practicing meditation for about 30 years. I teach, mentor and write about meditation. In order to help beginners to easily learn and practice mindfulness in their daily activity, I developed over 100 mindfulness meditation techniques that can easily be practiced almost any occasions in our daily activities such as using computer, watching TV, shopping, playing sports, eating, running, and so on.